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I live in the live music capital city of the world, have lived in the live music capital of the world for the past two and a half years. Yet somehow I’ve managed to skip out on live music for the most part. BUT. TONIGHT. METRIC.

I never had a credit card until I started grad school, and I am proud to say I put myself further into debt just so I could see this show. It was a flashback to my college glory days. Ha I’m just kidding. It was a flashback to my freshman year of college, and there was not a second of glory. (I’m in library school, what do you expect?) Though Emily Haines sings much better in the studio than she does live, there was still a definite energy there, and there was also a lot of sweaty, filthy grossness. Love it! It has been a while since I’ve been to a show where I was so sweaty and claustrophobic that passing out seemed likely, but therein lies that sense of nostalgia! Also, until some creepy-ass weirdo has undressed you [and your boyfriend] with his eyes, you just haven’t lived.


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Ooh la la

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Number One:

Who has two thumbs and has the Manatee Rescue Line programmed into her cell phone? This girl. (Oh, you’d like it for yourself? 1.888.404.3922. Use it.)

Number Two:

Parking Meter V. Trina

Who the eff decided these new parking meters were a good idea?

image of a parking meter

Ok, so this picture isn’t from Austin, and it doesn’t actually tell you what the parking meters look like, but I feel your pain whoever you are (louisa_catlover on Flickr) because holy hell those things are awful. Here’s what happens when you replace coin operated parking meters:

  1. Trina becomes an angry bear
  2. More stickers = more litter = aren’t we trying to not do the whole litter thing?
  3. Trina has to leave her class in the middle of a lecture in order to feed the meter, pays the meter, then realizes after sprinting all the way to the meter that she doesn’t have her keys, so she can’t replace the parking meter sticker on the inside of her car.

So this story is pretty much the most exciting thing that has happened to me in like four months. So goes library school…

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